Shoe Repair, Recrafting and Resoling in NYC - Cesars Shoe Repair

Ladies' Shoe Repairs

These are some of the repairs we can do for you......

 Shanks  $25-40 ea. add to cart
 Elastics  $18-25 pr. add to cart
 Lifts (heel) - includes shine; black, brown, navy, tan  $12-18 pr. add to cart
 Dye leather  $25 -45 add to cart
 Refinish uppers  $15 add to cart
 Stretch (shoes - boots)  $60-75 pr. add to cart
 Half soles/heels  $40-45 pr. add to cart
 Recover heels  $60-75 pr. add to cart
 Leather insoles (fitted with cushion)  $20-25 pr. add to cart
 Heel liners  $25-40 pr. add to cart
 Sole guards  $25-35 pr add to cart
Replace broken heels $65-75 pr.  add to cart
Lower heel heights $18-25 pr.  add to cart
Tips and heels $22-28 pr.  add to cart
Ladies' cowboy boots - half sole and heel (see Cowboy Boots) $45-65 pr.  add to cart
Replace boot zippers call  add to cart


Please note that the range of prices given refelcts the differing degree damage to the shoe and of complexity of the repair.  Please call us for a price quote for your particular problem.

We specialize in ladies' boot repairs, including zippers and heels.  Call us to discuss your problem and we will solve it for you!